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Thursday, 30 October 2014

I thought that I would celebrate two massive franchises - old and new. Firstly, the Soul Togetherness series is due a new release next month and I include 3 huge cuts from this years comp (all of which will debut on CD on this compilation!) This is nicely followed by 3 of my favourite cuts from 2006, 2007 and 2008. Secondly, TK owner Henry Stone passed away this month so I thought that I would include 6 soul killers from the extensive TK back catalogue. I round the podcast off with an awesome re-edit of Michael Jackson from Kon. Until next time ... Soul Togetherness Retrospective Better Than This (Soul Talk Remix) - Paul Johnson (Soul Togetherness 2014) Praying For Rain - Garcia feat Vince Durrell (Soul Togetherness 2014) London Sky (Soul Talk remix) - Glen Goldsmith (Soul Togetherness 2014) Walkafteru - Aura Jackson (Soul Togetherness 2006) Brothers & Sisters ft Tamar - Seven (Soul Togetherness 2007) Adore U - Sheree Brown (Soul Togetherness 2008) TK Records Retrospective I'm So In Love With You - Wizdom (1980 Drive 6287) It's You Girl - Universal Love (1977 Glades 1745) If It Was Me - Sundray Tucker (1981 TK 1046) You Are My Star - Paulette Reaves (1977 Blue Candle LP) Our Day Is Here - J.P.Robinson (1974 Blue Candle 1504) It Don't Concern Us - Rising Sun (1975 Kingston 267) Something a little extra ... Get Kon The Floor (KON remix) - Michael Jackson (2014 STARTIME 004)


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