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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Here's yet another one from me. Great new music on the left field tip this week from 4hero, Blue James produced by Dego/Kaidi, Fatima, Don-E, Vivian Green and Kenya Soulsinger. Back in time sections features 3 12" from the 90s UK soul scene. Taking you back section looks at some Driza Bone remixes and something a little extra comes from Driza Bone again - the original promo version featuring Sophie Jones! Enjoy... New & Upfront The Mystery of Man (4hero Remix) - Sonzeira (2014 Sonzeira (Remixes)) Make It Go Away (Pain) - Blu James (2014 Blu James) Do Better - Fatima (2014 Yellow Memories) I Got It - Don-E (2014 Don-E Free Donwload) Get Right Back To My Baby - Vivian Green (2014 Get Right Back To My Baby (Download)) Screams of Passion - Kenya Soulsinger (2014 Screams of Passion) Back In Time - 90s 12" from the UK Soul Scene (Can't Always Have) Sunshine - C223 (1995 Rotating 12") My Lovers Embrace (Album Version) - Shiji (1997 Ivy Records IVYR002) On My Own - Andrea (1996 Defunct ANDREA 002) Taking You Back - Driza Bone remixes Submerge (Driza Bone Remix) - Angie Giles (1992 Island 12IS 513) There Has Got to Be a Way [Drizabone Remix] - Lulu (1995 Single) You Will Rise (Bone Idol Edit) - Sweetback (1997 You Will Rise Single) Something a little extra ... Driza-Bone's first promo demo feat Sophie Jones Real Love (Pete's Edit) - Driza-Bone (1991 White Label DRIZA 1)


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