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Monday, 7 April 2014

Hello again ... it's number 41 here. We kick off with a track that I have had the pleasure of playing first in October on my 36th Podcast. I have been championing it ever since and can happily announce that it will be released through Expansion records in April! Other new tracks from Toni Braxton & babyface, Jennifer Hudson, Reflex Revision of Heidi Vogel, Starlite and Loretta. Back in time section features three great vinyl only cuts. Taking you back with three luxury soul dancers. Finally I finish with a non-album cut from another Johnson this time its the Brothers Johnson. New and Upfront Better Than This (Remix) - Paul Johnson (2014 Expansion Forthcoming) Heart Attack - Toni Braxton & Babyface (2014 Love, Marriage‎ & Divorce) I Can't Describe The Way I Feel (Madhatter Street Re-Edit) - Jennifer Hudson (2014 Madhatter Re-Edits) Everybody Loves The Sunshine [The Reflex Rework] - Heidi Leonore Vogel (2014 Reflex Re√isions) Starlite - Phirefly (2014 Nu Disco Free Downloads) So Alive (feat. Gimenez E) - Loretta (2014 Find a Way) Back in Time Stay Awhile - Phil Flower (1986 ICI Industries 1806) One Time To Make It Right (feat Toni Smith) - DMX Affair (1985 Creative Funk ‎CFM-1800) If You Want To Fool Around (Club Mix) - Demetrius(1987 Vision VR-1203) Taking You Back Say Something [The Mr Total Contrast Mix] - Mia Chevais (1998 Inventive [Promo Only]) Butterflies (Track Masters Remix No Rap Edit)- Michael Jackson (2001 Butterflies (Promo)) Time After Time (feat. Amel Larrieux & Vivian Sessoms) - Towa Tei (1998 Sound Museum) Something extra... Let's Swing [Non Album Cut] - Brothers Johnson (1980 A&M 2216-S)


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