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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Boogie Back and Associated Projects Special - Ernie McKone and Toby Baker! This week I thought that I would dedicate my show to the Boogie Back Sound which is currently under going a resurgence under the guidance of Ernie McKone and Toby Baker. Over the last few years these guys have been the men behind the music of some fantastic modern soul. Therefore, I thought that I would bring them all together in one show and also take a look back at where it all began back in the early 90s! I have included a few vinyl only cuts for those vinyl junkies... As a treat I will be featuring a *** FORTHCOMING NEW TRACK BY PAUL JOHNSON *** which these guys have lovingly remixed. It is one of the tracks of the year so far and you will not want to miss it! The final track is a real surprise ... Toby Baker's first ever group, Strike One, who recorded a great Brit-Funk Boogie classic for Elite Records in 1982 called 'Can't Touch Me Anymore'... The story continues ... I Want It - Soul Talk (2010 Soul Talk) A Taste Of Your Love - The Valentine Brothers (2012 Boogie Back BBR19) Bein' In Love With You - Sheree Brown (2013 Messages From The Heart) Loves Master Plan - Lady L (2013 Boogie Back BBR20) Jammin' In The Place- Glen Goldsmith (2011 Jammin' In The Place) ***Untitled Forthcoming - Paul Johnson (2013 Forthcoming)*** Back Into Time Section Put the Groove in My Mind - The Bb Allstars (2013 Groove Oil 3) The Present - The Max (1994 Boogie Back BBR-011) Got Me A Feeling (Dr. Bob Jones Surgery Mix)- Misty Oldland (1993 Boogie Back BBR-007) Painful Truths (feat Omar) - Max Beesley's High Vibes (1993 Boogie Back BBR-008) Come Into My Life (Original 12" Mix) - Vivienne McKone (1994 Boogie Back BBR 016) My Life (feat James B) - Speak No Evil (1994 Boogie Back BBR-015) Taking you back ... Can't Touch Me Anymore - Strike One (1982 Elite DAZZ 22)


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